We are SSAFA, The Armed Forces Charity

We are delighted to be involved with the VE Day celebrations in 2020.

We provide lifelong support for people who serve, or have served, in the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, British Army or Royal Air Force – and their families since 1885. We work with the Armed Forces community and other organisations so we can tailor our services for the people we support. We also have the largest network of trained volunteers of any military charity. That means we can help people in the UK and around the world get the emotional, practical and financial support they need.

By raising money, whether it’s £50 or £5,000, you’re making a huge difference. You’re helping us support serving men and women, veterans, and their families with the challenges of life during and after their career in the Armed Forces.

SSAFA is on hand to support you with your VE Day 75 fundraising event or activity – just let us know what you’re planning. We can help you with everything from fundraising materials to questions about the legal side of things.

Follow this link to our website for hints and tips on how to raise money for SSAFA.

Here is a link to our fundraising guide.

A quote from World War 1

Mrs Wood, a volunteer, said, “When the bugle call ran out… there were two sorts of recruiting going on, men answering the country’s call, and the non-combatants who came in their thousands to serve under the banner of SSFA.”

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