Please get in touch if you would like to sponsor or support an element of VE Day 75.

The event is expected to generate publicity nationwide and internationally and we would welcome the involvement of companies and organisations that would like to engage with this unique series of events.

In the first instance, please contact VE Day 75 Pageantmaster Bruno Peek at pageantmaster@veday75.org.

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  • PORTSMOUTH CITY COUNCIL, 08-05-2020, PORTSMOUTH GUILDHALL SQUARE WAR MEMORIAL, Hampshire, United Kingdom, Duncan Matthews
  • Feltwell Community Group, 08-05-2020, St Mary's Street and St Mary's Church, Feltwell, Norfolk, United Kingdom, Richard Dawson
  • Easingwold Community Library Association, 08-05-2020, Easingwold, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom, Not known at this stage
  • St. Enoder Parish, 08-05-2020, Indian Queens Working Men’s Club, Cornwall, United Kingdom, Donny Earl
  • The Manchester Community Pipe Band , 08-05-2020, Middleton Memorial Garden, Market Place , Middleton , Manchester , Lancashire, United Kingdom, The Manchester Community Pipe Band