Please follow this advice to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable event.

Detailed advice on Organising a Street Party can be found at:

Detailed advice on Organising a Bonfire Event for the Public can be found at:


  • You’ll need to get permission from your local council to close a road. Some local councils will lend you signs and cones, or you can hire or buy signs. Apply at least 4 to 12 weeks in advance. Make sure that the emergency services can still get down the street if they need to. If your party is on a bus route, the bus company will want to know about it in advance.
  • Some councils will contact emergency services and transport providers for you, but others expect you to do it, so please check.


  • Local authorities treat each event individually. Do not be put off by the length of some of the forms – the licensing officer is there to help you. For small scale events he or she, in effect, makes the decision, so talk to the licensing officer as soon as possible.


  • VE Day 75’s official broker partner, Unity Insurance Services, can help you obtain the appropriate insurance you require.
  • Visit their website Event insurance or call 0345 040 7702


  • Tell the police well in advance about the type of event you are planning, and get in touch with your local community police officer.
  • Write to the fire brigade and ambulance service if you are planning to have a Beacon/Bonfire, fireworks, or an event that will attract a large crowd. St John’s Ambulance and the British Red Cross will provide first aid and sometimes a vehicle. This may be on a donation or fee basis.


  • Basic food hygiene guidelines should be followed at all times if you are providing food and drink. Caterers must have food hygiene certificates. Advice can be obtained from your local council environmental officer.


  • If you want to sell alcohol you will need to secure a licence from the local authority licensing section, who can provide information on how to apply. Please apply as early as possible. In Northern Ireland, you will need to apply for an occasional liquor license from the Northern Ireland Court Service.


  • The local authority will arrange for clearance and disposal of litter after your event if it is on public ground (check for possible charges). You can help this process by arranging litter bins or recycling bins around the site, and a crew to clear up throughout the event.


  • Your local authorities, or local event organisers may be able to help you with contacts for supplies such as marquees, portable toilets, barriers and bunting, or may in some cases have these for you to hire and borrow. You may also need to consider generators, a public address system, and emergency flood lighting. If you need to arrange insurance for your hired equipment, Unity Insurance Services can arrange this for you too.


  • Access for the disabled is very important. Many local authorities run community transport schemes. Talk to them about arranging transport.


  • If you are holding a large event, make sure you have sufficient stewards to marshal people (at least 1 per 250 people) with high visibility vests for easy identification before, during and after the event, especially where car parking is involved.
  • Make sure they know their responsibilities and what to do in the event of all types of emergency.