We are proud to be working with the following merchandisers, please follow the links on this page to get your supplies from our official VE Day 75 Anniversary Partners:

•  Chris Illsley BEM, Founder & CEO of Running Imp Limited

Running Imp

Running Imp

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VE Day 75th Anniversary

The VE Day 75th anniversary is an integral part of history here in Britain and one that should be commemorated and celebrated by all. Here at Running Imp, we have all the VE Day party supplies you could need, including VE Day mugs, medals, t-shirts, coins and much more. So whether you’re planning a street party, attending an organised event or anything in-between, our host of VE Day party supplies will be befitting to any commemorative celebration. Browse our entire range of high-quality and desirable VE Day party supplies below and get your order in, ready for honouring VE Day on the 8th May 2020.

To order your supplies please visit Running Imp: VE Day 75th Anniversary Supplies