The Last Post

Friday 8th May 2020 (Bank Holiday)

2.55pm – The Last Post is played at the Four Peaks five other locations of the United Kingdom

Individual members of the Air Training Corps, Army Cadets, Sea Cadets and the Combined Cadet Force will play the Last Post, followed by Reveille at the top of the four highest Peaks in the United Kingdom, a feat never undertaken before. To coincide with this, Cadets will also be undertaking the playing of this in each of the Cities throughout the UK, on the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man too. We are keen to see young people playing a leading role in the VE Day 75 celebrations and are delighted when these organisations agreed to take part in such a unique way.

The Last Post will also be played at five of the most widespread locations of the UK – Land’s End, Cornwall; Lowestoft, Suffolk; St David’s, Pembrokeshire, Wales; the Scottish island of Unst, and Enniskillen Castle, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, and the Tan Hill Inn, Richmond, North Yorkshire.

To take part by playing the Last Post in your community click here to register your event and enter your details.

Training Corps Buglers
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  • Methlick Community Council , 08-05-2020, Methlick village centre halls and surrounds, Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom, unknown at present
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  • Trinity Church Rawdon Leeds, 08-05-2020, Rawdon Billing, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom, Peter Lambert