Cry for Peace

Friday 8th May 2020 (Bank Holiday)

6.55pm (Local Time) – A Cry for Peace Around the World

Town Criers and other people around the world will be undertaking a special international Cry for Peace Around the World in all manner of locations. You don’t have to be a Town Crier to take part. This could be undertaken by your Lord Lieutenant, DL, Mayor, Mayor, High Steward, Civic Mace or Sword Bearer, or even a member of your local community. A copy of the text can be downloaded from the website so that you can perform the Cry at a location of your choice.

The many thousands of pubs throughout the United Kingdom will be encouraged to ring their pub bells and invite a member of their local community to undertake the Cry for Peace Around the World.

To take part click here to register your event and enter your details.

A Cry for Peace Around the World
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  • Cricklade Court Leet, 08-05-2020, Saxon's Rest High Street Cricklade, Wiltshire, United Kingdom, Town Crier Eric Cripps
  • Bevan Craddock, 08-05-2020, War Memorial, St. Michaels Church., Staffordshire, United Kingdom, Bevan Craddock - Penkridge Town Crier
  • New Milton Residents' Association, 09-05-2020, Various Venues on Different Days between 1st and 10th May, 2020, Hampshire, United Kingdom, Alan Watson
  • ExtraCare, 08-05-2020, Shenley Wood Retirement Village, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom, TBC
  • Irthlingborough Town Council, 08-05-2020, Parsons Green, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom, John Farrar