Cry for Peace

Friday 8th May 2020

6.55pm (Local Time) – A Cry for Peace Around the World

Town criers and other people around the world will be undertaking a special international Cry for Peace Around the World in all manner of locations, starting off in New Zealand. You don’t have to be a town crier to take part. A copy of the text can be downloaded here so that you can perform the cry at your workplace, community group, church. Indeed, anywhere you choose to make the message heard.

The many thousands of pubs throughout the United Kingdom will be encouraged to ring their pub bells and invite a member of their local community to undertake the Cry for Peace Around the World.

A Cry for Peace Around the World


  • President, Australasian Guild of Town Criers, 08-05-2020, Cenotaph, Albert Street, Creswick, Victoria, Australia, Philip Greenbank
  • Loggerheads Parish Council, 08-05-2020, village , Staffordshire, United Kingdom, Not known yet
  • Studley Parish Council, 08-05-2020, Crooks Lane, Recreational Ground, Warwickshire, United Kingdom, To be advice
  • Anne LORE, 08-05-2020, In front of the sea at Saint-Nazaire (France), at the War memorial, France, Joannick BRIANT
  • Dr. Gary Alan Dickey , 09-05-2020, Village Green, United States, Dr. Gary Alan Dickey